Tuneability check for your banjo

When you handpicked and bought a banjo or even made yourself one, you eventually have to tune it. Some say that banjo can never be tuned, but here are some methods.

First it is smart to do a check on the banjo. With tightened strings check the place where the neck merges with the rim of the banjo. There should be no errors, looseness or twisting of the neck. The joint should be rigid. Should the banjo stay in tune after you manage to tune it depends a lot on this joint. If the joint is flexible the banjo will never stay in tune.

It is important to buy quality pegs and strings, for they will also contribute to the effectiveness of the tuning. If testing a banjo, ask the owner, if you may put them on the banjo, as this is always a good excuse to thoroughly examine the banjo.

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Country music

It was invented and developed in the United States of America and still remains as one of its most popular musical genres, especially when it comes to airplay or record purchase, country remains number one.

Its origins can be traced back in the 1920s when cowboy lifestyle and themes from folk songs were being used in lyrics to describe the lifestyle of people who didn’t live in big cities, which began booming all across America at that time, but the simple life and troubles which were met by simple country folk. However, its real popularity only began gaining momentum in the 1940s and has remained high ever since.

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Steve Martin on banjo

I’d like to offer some amazing live performances of Steve Martin playing banjo. Many people knows him from  movies, but he is very good banjo player too.

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Evolution of banjo

It is a common perception that the evolution of banjo mainly lies within the pathway of travells of African people, as they took the banjo or constructed banjo type instruments with locally available materials. But as with all evolution, even the evolution of banjo is somewhat confusing and vague. The very beginnings can be traced back to Africa, as the development and evolution of banjo really started there.

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Banjo facts

There are many different kinds of native music instruments that are being used in this world and now one of the most popular and native American instrument that is known to be banjo. There are many different kinds of music types and if you want to know about the history of banjo then there is a lot of stuff that is available on the web. Banjo is a five string instrument that has come to the wide screen after a long time.

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